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Room 23 News for week ending May 27

Thank you for your amazing support at Open House Thursday.  We got to tour the classrooms Friday morning and our students commented when we returned that our room looked the best!!  I would have to agree.


End of Course math assessment next week.  We are reviewing concepts from the whole year.  You will see some of this coming home next week as homework.


I am still benchmarking, but most are finished for the year.  Our class reading levels range from end of grade 3 to mid grade 5.  Wow!


For those students who took the GATE test a few weeks ago, the results should be sent to you next week.  My counselor told me this Thursday.  I will let you know if I find out otherwise.


Special Persons Day in our class is Friday, June 3.  We invite families to have lunch in our room and then listen to our students read their essays.  An invitation is being sent home Friday, May 27.  Thank you!


Have a great 3-day weekend,

Mrs. Lind

News for Room 23 Week Ending 5/13

We are learning many multiplication and division strategies.  I am also getting some review in for our end of course math assessment coming at the beginning of June. 


We will be onto our last language arts unit (Animal Camouflage)  I have a lot of reading assessments to grade, but overall, all students are reading above grade level.  Many students are at mid or end of grade 4, in fact. 


We are wrapping up our Health unit on making healthy food choices.  We thought like advertisers this week.  Students were given criteria to create an ad poster featuring a product they made up.  We talked about how layout, consumer benefit, wording, and how well the product is featured, determine consumer interest.  We also focused on how those ads can "trick" us into buying products we don't need or products that have no health benefits.  They loved this extension.


CPK is Friday.  Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  Carrie has done a very thorough job of planning this and I'm sure all will go well.  A few students have not yet brought in their bus fare.  It's $3 (or more if you can help another student).  The students are very excited. 


The Rock-It run is also this Friday.  Our time slot is between 2-2:30.  Mrs. Sharman has asked us to ask parents to come out to run with your students for encouragement.  We will be tired from traveling and walking, but I know they will do well!  We are at $1,900 so far. We receive a special prize if our class meets the $2500 goal.  Please help by asking around, placing your child's link on social media....whatever creative ways you can get us to that goal would be appreciated.  Ultimately, it's for the benefit of all students.  In my 17 years at Emerson, I've never taught a year without these two special programs.  I can't imagine the school without them.   Thank you for your support.


Have a great week ahead,

Mrs. Lind

Rooms 23 News for week ending May 6

Wow!  I am so humbled and fortunate.  You are all so generous and gracious!  Thank you so much for the flowers, cards, goodies, school supplies, and gifts.  I truly feel appreciated!


What a success Living Wax Museum was!  Thank you to Carrie, Joli, Tyler, Erin, Bianca, Ruth, Venecia, Jennifer, and any other parents I may have left out for your assistance with this amazing experience.  I've heard nothing but great reviews and one teacher told me she was doing this next year!  It just goes to show what great scholars your children are. 


We have our last project assigned and due May 25.  Open House is May 26, so I had to give a little less time than usual.  Sorry!  The kids seem really excited to research and learn about their dinosaurs.  If you need help with research or websites, come see me.  I know each dinosaur I assigned has information on the website.  Online searches should provide some as well.


We are in our last unit for math.  I am exposing them to some Smarter Balanced questions as well to get them ready for 3rd grade standardized testing.  I also gave them all the 3rd grade multiplication test this week and a few of them are already proficient or above.  Although there is no place for a grade in this area on the achievement report, I will write it in next to the addition and subtraction facts scores.


We are focusing on healthy choices and understanding the need for balanced meals for the most useful energy sources.   Students made menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we shared some.  Students suggested other foods that might balance some of the menus shared.  It was fun and engaging.


We are back to our literature unit we put on hold for fossils (Our Country and Its People).  Students saw a video about Ellis Island and two more video interviews about children who've come to America from Ukraine and South Korea.  They wrote unanswered questions for these children and we discussed them.


We are finishing up special persons essays.  Congratulations to Nikki for sharing hers at the awards assembly this morning.  I am going to have parents/loved ones in for sharing all essays on Friday, June 3.  It's first Friday and I thought we could have lunch together in the room and have students share their writing.


CPK is coming up.  I will send permission slips home on Monday with a letter and envelope for $3 for bus fare back to Emerson.  We have arranged for transportation or gotten confirmation from all parents regarding drop off at CPK on that day (Friday, May 20).  Mrs. Sharman is letting our students run for the Rock-It run when we return.


Happy Mother's Day!


Rooms 23 News for week ending April 15, 2016



Field Trip was amazing!  Eyes were wide constantly and I heard lots of the academic vocabulary we've been using in class.  They were super scholars in every way.  You have great kids!!


We are now working on our Special Person writing.  The May assembly will host special people and our class will invite their special person or another to come hear them read their essays in class.  This will be Friday, May 6.  More information to follow.


Most of the pre-Spring Break work is almost completed.  Some isn't.  I will need to start sending some things home with the students to finish.  If the writing and biographies aren't complete by Wednesday of this next week, they will need to finish at home.


We are working on a science unit on Fossils.  I will give that unit test next week, probably Thursday. 


We are taking our unit 7 math assessment on Tuesday.  I will send home a review on Monday.


We are reading about Fossils in our language arts texts as well.  We have Fossils coming out of our ears.  The difference between the science and reading content, is that the reading is focusing on key details, text features, text structure, and vocabulary development.  The science is all content-based.  So, the testing questions are much different.


Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Lind

Rooms 23 News for week ending March 24

Happy Easter/Passover/Spring....whichever you celebrate!


We got a lot of work done this week, so there is much less "build up" when students return. 


My hope is that we may finish our biography posters as a class the week we return from break.


We studied map skills this week, including map scale and directional indicators.  Students are beginning a map skill warm up each day along with opening and correcting homework from night before.  In addition to mapping, students are learning about landforms and areas in California specific to land use (farming, lumber, and grazing).  We will likely take this unit test the Friday we return.


Students are practicing a lot of written responses to focus questions in literature.  I have modeled this and prompted with essential questions to help them understand that a simple response without using examples of character/problem/events evidence is not good enough.  This skill is improving and I know many of you have seen it as well.  We will turn our learning to what authors want readers to get out of the texts they write. 


In science, students are learning about rocks and soil.  This is perfect timing, because we will begin our next literature unit early.  The theme is "Fossils".  They will love this unit for obvious reasons, but the bonus is, it will prepare them for our field trip to the Natural History Museum and their dinosaur project (not yet assigned).  Field trip permission slips and lunch letters will go home Monday, April 4.  I will need them promptly.  Thank you.


Have a wonderful week off with your families and I'll see you, rested and ready, on Monday, April 4. 


News for Room 23 Week Ending 3/18

Happy St. Patrick's week!


We are finished with unit 6 in math.  We  have begun measuring with time and money.  Students are counting groups of random coins, finding more than one way to make the same amount of money.  They are counting beyond $1.00.  I'm spending time with fractions next week so that they are pretty well-versed with vocabulary and finding various fractions within a group.


We are working with fiction and non-fiction text related to our country and its people.  Students collected information about some native american tribes and placed some of it into a "textbook" with a table of contents.  We will continue this unit until mid April, then we go to Fossils.  Fossils study already began in science.  There will be a final project related to dinosaurs before open house.  It will be the last one of the year.


In social studies, we are studying mapping skills, communities within the state, and landforms. 


Students are reading biographies.  I have assigned a class project to relate the information they've found.  They will need to present this to their classmates.  They will have two choices.  One is to create a puppet who looks like their person.  Another is to dress as their person when they present.  More information will follow.  This is going to be due in late April.


Finally, students presented their animal projects last week. They did very well.  They will receive their writing grade (based on the rubric i sent with the original project information sheet).  They will also receive peer responses. 


Have a lovely week.  Remember that Friday, March 25 is a school holiday.  Our last day together before spring break is Thursday, March 24.

Mrs. Lind

Room 23 News for week ending March 4

Welcome to March!


I am proud to say that I haven't got a single student at risk of retention!  Therefore, I have no conferences scheduled for March 8 and 9.  As always, if there is something you would like to discuss, please contact me and we can set up a meeting. 


This week was filled with reading and writing about what we read.  We had a guest reader share a couple of Dr. Seuss classics.  We also invited Mrs. Newell's fourth graders over on Friday afternoon to buddy read.  We made name tags for our desks in the vein of Seuss.  We also wrote about those characters.  We are currently writing with the prompt: "And to think that I saw it on Josie Street..." I found some large stacks of books to add to my library this week as well.  Glad to see students choosing both fiction and non-fiction books.  Keep it up!


We have started a new unit in language arts.  We will focus on the theme of "Our Country and its People".  These stories will help students understand the Native Americans, Statue of Liberty, and points of view of immigrants.  We also continue to write opinion essays.  We've written about our favorite time of the year, our favorite restaurant, and our favorite t.v. show or movie. 


We are close to finishing unit 6 in math.  We are studying plane and solid shapes, and academic vocabulary to describe their attributes.  We are also working with simple fractions (halves, thirds, fourths).  I will extend this learning to include looking at how these fractions sit on a number line and how to show fractions can be equivalent to each other.  I should be ready to test them by Friday (if not sooner) of next week.


We are working on computer word processing, but many students are still "hunting and pecking".  Try to get them to type more at home.  You may ask them to type a page in the book they're reading or a list for the supermarket.  They really need to familiarize themselves with the home row keys. 


Have a great weekend and stay well,

Mrs. Lind



Room 23 News for week ending February 19

This week, we focused on collecting research for our animal projects.  These will go home Monday and any incomplete research will need to take place outside class, as well as the rest of the project.  A detailed project explanation with due date will accompany the poster board.  There will be a sheet to sign letting me know you have seen it.


Tuesday was the 100th day of school.  We don't get fancy like the kinders and first graders, but we did make ten scoops of ice cream with 10 toppings on each.  Sounds like a multiplication problem. 


We began a new unit in math and I am teaching multiplication intermittently with geometry and fractions.  Have your child explain what the 5 quadrilaterals are if he/she can.  I think I mentioned we would be studying money and time, but that's coming later in the year.


We are writing about our favorite times of year and favorite restaurants with supporting reasons.  I have asked the students to bring in menus from the restaurant they are writing about.  If you can't get an actual take away menu, you should be able to print one from the restaurant's website.  Students get extra credit if they bring in a photo of themselves eating their favorite meal!


We are learning more grammar concepts this week.  Compound words, adverbs, and antonyms were the focus.  Ask your child to show you the signs for A,B,C,D.  We checked for understanding with multiple choice answers on the elmo today.


Our reading unit is coming to an end.  We will pick a person or character we read about and explain how he/she showed courage.  We will also explain what the author wanted us to learn by writing about those people or characters.


Have a great weekend.  See you Monday.  It's not another holiday!


Mrs. Lind



News for Room 23 Week Ending 2/12

Happy Valentine's Day!  I really wanted to be at the Sweetheart Dance Friday night, but came home feeling pretty sick.  I hope all who went had a great time!  Thank you to all who presented me with such sweet and thoughtful Valentine gifts.  I felt loved....


We took our unit 5 math test Friday.  Preliminary scores are high, so I'm hopeful for the rest of the class.  We begin money and time and two days a week, I will begin teaching multiplication concepts.  You will see both types of homework while we're doing this.


We continue to work on appropriate text responses.  I've seen a lot of improvement overall, but still some students aren't focusing their responses on the evidence they collected from the story.  We will keep working on this throughout the rest of the year.


We began our animal projects this week.  Some students have decided to switch their animals from their first choice, so they will exchange books on Tuesday so they may begin research.  I would greatly appreciate sending any research resources related to your child's animal to school next week.  We will do all the research at school and then the project will be put together at home (writing/typing and placing in poster form)  This will be due the first Friday in March and I'm hoping we'll finish our research by Monday, Feb. 22.


In science, students are learning about animal life cycles.  They observed a chicken egg in lab last week and one of our students had an allergic reaction to the egg.  It was all fine, but if you know of any new allergies you didn't note in your child's paperwork at the beginning of the year, please let me know so I may put it on record.  Thanks!


We also learned about Chinese New Year and the history and legends behind its beginning.  We made lanterns and wrote notes as we watched a short video to document what we learned.  This is a great skill when getting audio research, so you may find some animal videos online or on t.v. that your child may want to use.


The students are really excited about our new book share day.  Although we won't be doing it again until Feb. 26, you may want to put some aside to share with the students next time.  Have fun!


Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Lind

Room 23 News for week ending February 5

Well semester one is in the books.  I am so excited for you to see their results.  Please only return the envelope, signed.  You may keep the achievement report and anything else that was inside.  Let me know if you have questions about anything!


We took our science test today.  The students seemed really confident.  I am going to take away the open book/open notes testing format from now on.  It's likely they won't have this option in third grade.  I want them to get used to it.


We will finish our math unit next week and I will test them on Friday. 


We are finishing up our literature unit as well.  There will be a culminating writing task at the end.  This will happen before the end of the month.  Reading assessments went home this week with a Scholastic Newsletter text about Snow Leopards.  Be sure to review this test if your child struggled with some of the answers.  If you ever get a reading test home and want the text that goes with it so that you may review any missed answers, let me know. 


Valentines Day is Sunday this year, so I am allowing the students to bring cards to their classmates on Friday, Feb. 12.  I will send a class roster home on Wednesday.


Have a great weekend.  Go Broncos!  I know they won't win, but I will still cheer for them.....

Room 23 News for week ending January 29

Achievement reports for semester 1 will go home on February 5.  Please review your child's report card, read the comments carefully, and set new goals with your child for next semester.  I will try to be as specific as possible, but if you don't understand something or need help thinking of ways to help your child improve, come see me!


Thanks to Wes's mom, Cade's mom, Wander's mom, Megan's mom, Sarah's grandmother, and Chloe's mom for walking to and from the Carpenter Center on Friday.  Thanks to Sawyer's mom for delivering our lunches.  You all rock!  We had fun.  Ask your child who Robin Spielberg is.  Look her up on youtube. She plays beautifully.


We just finished our first Junior Great Books story, "The Jade Stone".  This is a great reading curriculum for advanced readers by exposing them to more depth and complex tasks.  We have had some amazing discussions about this text and they have been so supportive of each others' comments and thoughts.  You would be so proud!


The unit 5 math content is going into data and recording with bar, picture, and line plot graphing.  They will be creating some of their own data questions and collecting this data from the class next week and then recording it in graph format.


We are almost finished working on our life science unit (plant life cycles and parts).  They will be tested on this next week....probably Thursday.  Look for text, study guides and notes to come home on Tuesday and Wednesday.


We will begin collecting information next week, also, to write reports of information about animals.  Some of this project will be assigned outside class.  We've had the books for two weeks, but I was waiting to finish our plants unit first.


We could use some tissue, baby wipes, and a new pencil sharpener.  The pencil sharpener doesn't have to be "special", but we only have one now and we had four at the beginning of the year.  Thank you!


Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Lind

Room 23 News for week ending January 22


All is well with my dad.  Thank you for the thoughts, prayers, and inquiries.  It means a lot. 


Semester 1 comes to an end next Friday, Jan. 29.  Mrs. Vitetta will review our achievement reports on Feb. 3 and then they will go home to you on Feb. 5.  I am frantically grading writing and reading assessments and giving benchmark tests as well.  Your kids are so smart!  Most of you will be amazed at their progress.


Cinderella stories were sent home if your child didn't finish.  This is something I need to grade, which is why I need them to finish it at home.  If he/she didn't bring it, see me Monday after school so we can work out a way to get it finished.  I have 18/30 complete.


We finished studying MLK, Jr. and writing about "our dreams" as well as reading a biography and writing about what MLK, Jr. wanted for the world.  Of course, students came to second grade with a lot of prior knowledge on him, they were able to apply his vision to one they have for the world as well. 


We had a formal art lesson on Wednesday.  They drew owls with pastels in a night sky.  They're all so unique and beautiful.  Come by and take a look!


I've received lunch requests and permission slips for our trip to Carpenter Center.  We will meet Robyn Spielberg, the pianist the kids are learning about, on Monday.  She will be at Emerson and will conduct a workshop with the whole second grade.  Her performance is what we'll see on Friday.  We can't wait!


We are turning from narrative writing to opinion-based writing now.  We will write about our favorite times of year, favorite sport or game, and favorite person (special person).  In addition, we will write informational writing concurrently.


I would like to have the students exchange valentines on Friday, Feb. 12 in the afternoon.  If you would like to your students to bring some valentines with or without a treat, you are welcome to do so.  Just be sure whatever treats you send are wrapped and store-bought.  Thanks!


See you next week,

Mrs. Lind

News for week ending January 15

Sorry this is late. 


Grading for on-demand reading/writing assessment is slow.  I should have them by early next week.  In addition, all writing, math facts, and reading benchmarks I plan to do will need to be finished by January 29 since it's the end of the semester.


COMPASS is coming again on Tuesday, February 9 to see the kids and work with them on a Valentine project.  If you'd like to come see them working together and to pitch in, they will be here from around 2-2:45 or 3. 


We may take as many chaperones as we like to Carpenter Center on Friday, Jan. 29.  Another school cancelled and a bunch of seats opened up.  Let me know if you're planning to come.


We finished working on a biography of MLK, Jr. and students wrote and provided details in a booklet from the biography.  Very impressive!


Sorry this is short.  My dad (now) is having heart surgery tomorrow.  I will have an afternoon sub.  I'll be here until the kids go to lunch and then to the hospital.  It's been an unbelievable few months with surgeries on both of my parents.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Mrs. Lind

Room 23 News for week ending January 8

Welcome Back!  Hope you all had a great holiday break and are ready for a new year.  I was very busy and then everything came to a screeching stop after Christmas.  So, I did get some time to relax and unwind.  How about the new Star Wars movie???


This week, we are trying to wrap up some imaginative narrative writing and our published Cinderella stories.  It's likely that some students will need to take these home if not finished by end of the week.  They are time consuming and some of the students are "perfectionists".  I can appreciate that, but we need to get them done and move on.


We've begun life cycles in science.  Currently, we're learning about plant life cycles.  Animal life cycles comes next and there will be a research project assigned to students once we start.  I'm thinking it'll happen toward the end of the month.


With a lot more data, I am ready to begin testing students in reading benchmarks.  I probably have about 18 students so far!  That's great, but it's very time consuming, so I may ask some students to schedule some time with me after school.  I will send information home asking you to allow this if your child is one of those I would like to test.  P.E. is only 40 minutes 2 days a week and each student has to do a portion of the test read aloud to me.  I can only get about 3 or 4 students tested at a time done with one of the two tests.  They need to pass both fiction and non-fiction selections to go up a level overall.


We are going to begin practicing effective collaborative group discussions next week.  We've spent a lot of time working in groups so far this year, but they haven't always been effective.  We've discussed norms, what they look like, and I've modeled what I'm looking for when I walk the room for evidence.  They seem to be on board and I'll let you know how it goes!


I am sending home permission slips on Monday.  We are going to walk to CSULB for a culminating performance at the Carpenter Center.  The second grade classes will have two at-school workshops with Robin Spielberg (pianist and composer) to learn about music and how it's woven into American culture.  Then, they go to CSULB for a performance to reinforce what they learned at the workshops.  I will let you know about chaperones when I hear back from the coordinator.  I need to know if they will need a cafeteria lunch asap!  That part will be attached to permission slip.  Please fill out thoroughly.


We are measuring away with inches and feet this week.  Students are enjoying estimating and finding actual lengths and widths of objects in the room.  The Standards for Mathematical Practice focus on paying attention to precision and using appropriate tools strategically.  They are doing well and understand the difference between guessing and actually finding the accurate measurement.

Room 23 News for week ending December 18

Warm Wishes of Winter! 

We are finally cooling down---after such a miserable hot spell at the start of the year.  Please be sure to send sweaters and coats with your students.  Some are coming to school without and they go out to recess freezing!!


We are done with math unit 4 (great results overall) and social studies units 4 and 5.  We are on to science after break.  We will study animal life cycles.  Good chance to find some non-fiction related to animals and their young. 


Our literature unit on Kindness ends with a big assessment the week we come back.  It's called an "On Demand reading/writing assessment".  It will consist of text-dependent questions, a collaborative discussion piece, a thinking map, and a writing prompt. 


I'll have a reading assessment we did this week graded, latest math facts results, and spelling tests.  I think I'll have time to get it all done!


On an unfortunate note, we have had a couple of things taken from our students' backpacks.  There are upper grade students using the Learning Center (some daily) and are left to walk back to class on their own.  One of them, I suspect, has been helping herself to our students' belongings.  I've made the LC teachers aware and Mrs. Vitetta.  To be proactive, please don't send anything of value to school with your child.  That way, there is nothing for our dishonest student to take!  Thank you.


Happy Holidays and thank you all for the amazing gift cards, sweets, and personal items.  I am so lucky.  See you in 2016.


Mrs. Lind

Room 23 News for week ending December 11

This week, we're wrapping up.  We will have our unit 4 math assessment on Tuesday.  We will also have our units 4 and 5 social studies assessment on Friday. 


Mr. Ron has finished the lab work for the year in Physical Science and after the break, will begin with plant and animal life cycles. 


Students began writing their Cinderella-esque stories today and hopefully will have enough by the week's end to start their actual book.  They are really creative and some are also very funny!  I can't wait to read them all.


We will culminate our reading unit of Kindness with an On-Demand reading/writing assessment when we return from break.  This is a good indicator of whether students are ready for another level of reading benchmarking, so I will stress to the students that this will be really important in understanding where their reading skills lie.


We also are finishing up Imaginative Narrative stories about and elephant on an old lady's front porch.  Once again, they are very creative and cleverly written!


Basic Facts assessments were given last week and current levels of performance will go home by Friday, Dec. 18.  I don't know if I'll have the social studies or unit 4 math assessments graded by then.


Thank you all for a lovely year so far.  I look forward to 2016 and what growth your students will show in the coming months.  Many are already reminding me of what I used to see in 3rd graders at the beginning of the year. :) 


Happy Holidays and see you in a couple of weeks!

Mrs. Lind

this week in room 23 (11/20/15)

Whoops!  I've been a little scatter-brained lately.  My 27-year old daughter and her family have moved in with us from Moscow, Idaho!  My home is NUTS!  But in a good way!


Well, here goes....


We had an awesome fitness day this year.  Thank you for all of your donations and support.  The students loved it!  We got to learn about Aesop and the students wrote scripts and performed a variety of fables for Mrs. Jordan's students.  It was awesome!  Ask your student about it. 


We finished our 3rd unit in math and took our assessment.  I am very pleased with the results and you will get them back when we return.  We are now in unit 4 which focused on more addition and subtraction with regrouping to 1000.


We also finished our second unit in science.  Those assessments will also be returned next week.


We took an assessment for our red ribbon week unit and those again, will be returned next week.


We will be working on finishing up our language arts and reading unit before winter break.   Look for a writing piece coming home on Tuesday, December 1.


In addition, I wanted to let you all know that I will be out of town on Thursday, Friday, and Monday (Dec. 3, 4, 7).  My mother, sister, and I are traveling to New York for a family opportunity.  Your students will be well taken care of.  If there is anything you need to chat with me about or need something before I go, please make arrangements to come see me or email.


Finally, a HUGE THANK YOU!  Thank you for the amazing and sweet gifts, cards, and well wishes for my birthday.  I think I loved the handmade cards from the students the most!! But, I also appreciate the gift cards and sweets!


You are amazing families and it is continuing to be an awesome year.


Happy Thanksgiving and see you next week,

Mrs. Lind





Room 23 News for week ending November 6

Whew!  I can't believe how each week seems busier than the one before. 

I have had the most amazing conversations with parents and students this week during conferences.  I have to say that so far, I have felt so much support and caring among you all during these conferences.  No wonder why your children are so respectful and kind!  We have all really worked together to make whatever needs to happen for our kids the number one priority.  Thank you!  I will continue to work toward each of their successes.

This will be brief as I'm still working on documents to get ready for my conferences for Monday and Tuesday. 

We are about halfway through our third unit in math.  We will likely take our test before Thanksgiving break.

We are finishing up sharing our storyboards which assesses listening and speaking.

We start our Greece study next week since the Olympics are coming so quickly.

In science, we will wrap up our unit on forces and take our second science test Friday.

Thank you and have a great weekend,

Mrs. LInd


Room 23 New for week ending October 30

Happy Halloween!

We have done a lot again this week. 

Our math unit is moving very quickly.  Because so many of our students have mastered their addition and subtraction facts, they are doing great with regrouping larger numbers.  We have learned a couple of new strategies.  Ask your child if he/she can tell you what compensation strategy is or break apart strategy. I was hoping to start my small group in math, but wasn't able to secure a classroom until next week.  They will work in the learning center with Mrs. Figueroa and Mrs. Baskin.  They will be teaching their small group and mine will work independently.

We used our health text to find evidence to support how kindness includes caring, respect, fairness, and citizenship.  We will go onto some fiction next week.  We will get into some more grammar concepts next week...adjectives, subjects, prepositions.

Our new science unit started with simple machines and will continue with other forms of energy and forces (sound, magnetic, and gravity).

We will begin studying Greece in preparation for the Olympics on November 17. 

We will have a lesson and in class project for dia de los muertos on Monday, Nov. 2.

Finally, I am happy to meet you all next week and the following for parent/teacher/student conferences.  If you attend without your child, that's fine too. You should receive a reminder email confirming our date/time.  See you soon!

Mrs. Lind


Room 23 New for week ending October 23

Thanks to Carrie Thorne for helping create an amazing environment for our kids to purchase books.  They came in every day with smiles and I could barely get their attention this week as they wanted to read so badly!!

Thanks again to Carrie, for organizing my parent/teacher conference volunteer spot link.  I think only 5 parents have yet to pick and fill spots. 

This week we finished up our language arts unit on Sharing Stories.  This week, we began our second unit themed Kindness.  We will read stories about characters who show kindness and non-fiction text focusing on real individuals who've shown compassion and caring for people.  We continue to draft, edit, and publish personal narratives.  We will also get into writing more opinions when we get into a couple of the stories in this unit.  We also will use our depth and complexity icons when we read a variety of Cinderella-esque stories.  How are they alike/different, what patterns, ethical issues, trends, different perspectives, and changes over time do we notice?

We finished our second unit in math.  You will receive those on Monday.  We turn our focus to addition and subtraction of numbers to 200.  We will learn new strategies, regroup, add 3 and 4 addends, and continue to solve problems and communicate our reasoning.

We have begun and will work this whole week to understand the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol abuse.  We will have an assessment at the end of this week.  Our COMPASS students from Millikan came on Tuesday and helped us create an amazing door display for Red Ribbon Week.  Come see. Thank you Jessica Cheshire for putting it all together!

Lastly, we will finish our cereal boxes and share them for a speaking/listening grade.  They all look incredible and the students are really excited to share.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Lind